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He told me it was very important that needed to be discuss about. "Maybe you should have thought about it before you kissed Jax and lied to me." Daniel angrily storms off. I called in to order the pizza so when I get there I won't have to wait long. When I went in, I see Daniel and Emma sitting at a table not looking from happy and Maddie with Diego and the Panthers. Emma Alonso Daniel wanted me to meet him at the Seven. We both ate our food while watched the movie playing. "I'll do anything for you Jessica." I assure her when we both pulled away from our kiss. I put my arm around her and we continue to watch the Hunger Games. I didn't mean to lie to Daniel; I was only trying to protect him. You ordered the three meat and pepperoni pizza right? I went in and brought everything to Jessica's room. Jessica had a king size bed so it was big enough for the both of us. She gives me a kiss on the cheek as a sign as a thank you. "I'm good Jax but thank you for being the best boyfriend ever." She kisses me.I must admit, the historical significance of the setting really does lend itself nicely to the plot and this cynic has been forced to admit that I rolled my eyes about Havana Nights too soon. If anything, I think being marketed as the second in the Dirty Dancing franchise may have turned off a lot of its potential audiences, as it did me.Please note: although this film does have the same essential equation, it does not have the same storyline.

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Emma will have to go through many problems now with her new life to live happy.

Before I went back to the Van Pelt's, I went to the closest convenience store, Wa Wa.

After moving to Miami, she discovers that she is "The Chosen One", the most powerfull witch.

Now that she is the only chosen one, Emma stands more for herself.

A new guy named Jax that is wizard moves to town and causes drama. Later is with Jax but then gets back with Daniel and kisses.

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