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Rachel’s mother, Terri Ast, even grilled the show’s producers. “I want to make sure that it was on the up and up and that what they were saying was real.” It’s understandable Terri would want to protect her daughter.Rachel, 34, a pharmaceutical rep, is a widow with two young children.About CBS Television Stations Group (Formerly Paramount Stations Group), a division of CBS Inc., officially entered the Atlanta market September 1, 1995, acquiring WVEU-TV from BCG Communications, which held the license since sign-on in 1981.On December 11, 1995 the call letters were changed to reflect the new ownership and direction for WUPA-TV.You can go online and register as per the information below.

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I’m passing this message on, so if you are interested in being on a CBS dating show they are looking for a widow.

Her husband, Kit, died of brain cancer two years ago.

“One of the biggest things I say is I don’t want someone to fill Kit’s shoes. Her late husband was “just an amazing person, an amazing man, an amazing husband, an amazing father,” she adds.

The show “3” is described as an emotional journey to love.

But the two Chicago members of the cast, April Francis and Rachel Harley, were reluctant to make that journey right after the show reached out to them.

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