Chelsea clinton dating anyone

She is her parents’ daughter, after all: her crystal-clear thinking is accompanied by stonewalling.But of the three Clintons, she is the most hands-on.

The foundation had more than 2,000 employees in 36 countries, but there was little collaboration between initiatives.Once upon a time, Chelsea Clinton was a little girl from Arkansas. Despite her White House-Stanford-Oxford-Columbia-Mc Kinsey-hedge-fund grooming, she’s still got a thing for poultry.“Fried chicken is my husband’s favourite food,” she divulges in her office at the Clinton Foundation in Manhattan, where she lives in a million (£6 million) apartment.When she campaigned for her mother in 2008 – 400 events in 40 states – she first experienced the impact her voice could have.“She quickly realised, ‘There is nothing I’m doing now that’s satiating this interest,’” says Lurie.

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