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It's simply the effective way to find the partner you've been searching for!For a small city, Galway is packed with things to do, with good places to eat, with places to drink and dance the night away.Of course, you can try the old method of finding a partner by meeting 'friends of friends' or hanging out in bars, but it's often a long-winded, low-reward strategy.It's far easier to go to a place where you singles are searching for a partner - and that place is online!Traditionalists will get a kick out of Tigh Coili, one of Galway City’s best loved pubs.

Perfect for art lovers as well as foodies, Ard Bia’s funky dining room leads upstairs to a fantastic gallery showcasing local artworks.

“I’ve been a martial artist for nearly a decade but Michelle had never stepped foot inside a dojo,” he said.

“I asked two local instructors from the Belvoir Karate Group to provide us with a private karate lesson in Marston.”Asked what made them decide to begin alphabet dating, Marc replied: “To be totally honest I’m not really sure how we came about with the idea…

So if you're on the search for that special someone in Galway, join the thousands of singles who have opted for Elite Singles; it's a sure-fire way to expand your social circle and increase your chances of finding a compatible partner.

Galway is home to smart, interesting and inspiring singles - but finding them is a whole other matter.

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