Scott disick dating history

But if she's going to do that, she's sure going to have fans talking about the drama going down in her life.

Maybe she personally doesn't think she gets herself getting into much drama, but from an outsider's point of view, we legitimately cannot keep up with it all.

While the world still thought Bella and Tyler were in relationship bliss, the sneaky paparazzi caught her making out with Charlie in Miami, Florida on the beach. Yes, her arms were legitimately wrapped around Charlie's neck in a romantic embrace and no one knew what to do. The reality television bad boy was seen chatting Bella up at a nightclub in Los Angeles, then they went on a dinner date and before we knew it they were jet-setting to Cannes together.

The drama unfolded on social media as Charlie tweeted an apology to Tyler saying he had no idea they were dating. Bella then claimed her and Tyler had been broken up for two weeks. Since then, Bella said she got death threats over the whole thing. Their PDA was off the freaking charts while on vacation but then Bella literally up and left just a day and a half after arriving in France.

) They have their eyes set on someone within their own inner circle: Chicago West. Who they're shading is someone who cries and whines way more than three-week-old Chicago: It's Burger King correspondent and lord of, well, Scott Disick.

That's right, the Kardashian sisters can't stop, won't stop dissing Scott Disick's relationship with 19-year-old Sofia Richie—and, to be honest, it's pretty hilarious.

They broke up and then quickly got back together two weeks later in 2015.

But, Bella was caught at a party with Ross Lynch and sending flirting tweets to Brandon Lee. She had talked about her break-up with Tristan publicly a few times and basically said she got out of a long-term relationship and was just dating around.

They have launched several clothing collections and fragrances, and additionally released the book Kardashian Konfidential in 2010.She said she had to basically knock down Charlie's door for him to speak to her so she could explain the situation. They were tweeting at each other and got every shippers' hopes up. She kind of threw Scott under the bus after the whole thing saying she was so not about his partying ways talking about how much he drinks and the scene he's into.Let's just put it this way, these two probably don't talk anymore. A fan asked Bella if she thought Dove was hot, she said yes. Bella was not about that life and hung out with her ex-boyfriend Gregg a day after returning back to California.Then she reached new levels of petty by referring to her horse as "dragon," which is the name of Richie's horse that recently passed away. " Jenner, who no-doubt has access to Google, asks Disick on national television.The latter post isn't exactly confirmed shade, but read between the lines, people. In this Sunday's episode matriarch and grand supreme Kris Jenner asks Disick about his relationship with Richie, and her comments are delicious."Wait, so how old is she? Disick replies "19," to which Jenner, who, again, knows about the Internet, says, "And you're…32? Jenner acts so surprised when Disick says "34" and then starts reminiscing about meeting her late husband, Robert Kardashian. "You were underage, and [Richie's] not," Disick says, and Jenner quips back, "Touché."Watch the exchange for yourself, below: Frankly, Jenner deserves an Emmy for pretending to not know facts just so Disick squirms on camera. Related Stories: The Kardashians' 2017 Christmas Party: See All of the Photos and Snapchats Would You Pose Like the Kardashians With Your Sisters?

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