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It is used to play animations both while an Update Panel is updating and after it has finished updating.

So we are going to build a small banner with 3 check boxes and an update Button to show the different animations. Start by adding new Web Form to this project and name it Update Panel

Now in our Source view we are going to style our page and add 4 Div’s and inside of the last Div we are going to add an Update Panel and add a content template tag to display a label message.

OData Store can deserialize dates represented in the ISO8601 format (e.g., "2016-07-13T.000Z") or format used by Microsoft (e.g. In the second case, the OData Store adds the time-zone offset corresponding to the client time-zone.

Here is where we needed to remember that ID for the Panel we set up earlier, since were are going to reference it in the properties section.

The following markup defines three subanimations: Resizing the width, resizing the height, and fading out.alternatively; Microsoft has been nice enough to provide a free download of Visual Web Developer.

I have 2 animation Extender that go in order, animationextender1 then animationextender2, I have a NEXT and BACK button on the second one, the thing is when I click BACK it works, but then if I click NEXT again, nothing happens, do I have to run some code in the back when I click BACK to get the NEXT to work again?

It is possible to provide a simple animation effect such as moving an ASP Control to a new place, resizing it, modifying its color, or making it fade in or fade out.

Extract Values From Item(new Values, edit Item); this also gives the old values.We are using Visual Studio 2010, to perform these tutorials, if you do not have a copy of Visual Studio 2010, you can download it at The associated CSS class for the panel defines a background color and width.You can drag and drop this one as well from the AJAX Control Toolkit.Raising an event invokes the event handler through a delegate. This is the preferred technique for handling the event in a derived class. On Updating(Object Data Source Method Event Args) method also allows derived classes to handle the event without attaching a delegate.

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