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The less sophisticated female (or average feminist) will escalate her attempt to get noticed with increasing acts of directness or volume, and assume masculine behaviors to progress up the approach scale in her peacock attempt to register on the male sexual radar.

But even in the indirect situations when a woman fails to get a man’s attention, she lashes out with frustration, entitlement, and anger towards the man for not picking up her subtleties. She had eight vodkas and then she had sex with three guys.

In a few seconds the bell will ring with a visitor to my place.

She needs to be gone within an hour because the main squeeze comes over then.

It’s good stuff if you’re intermediate/advanced and trying to get off the emotional ups & downs rollercoaster of “tonight I got laid! …the next night I didn’t get laid, I’m so worthless!! Because I’m good looking, girls hit on me very often. At the church I was visiting, I caught this brunette, 7 looking at me and I looked at her making the same expressionless face Prince Harry ( that’s my default expression now) and I could notice she was making those puppy eyes and she was even pressing her lips a little, but then I looked away first and never looked back.

” external validation (which is useful at the start, it gets you to go out and sarge, but a few years in it’s healthy to transition). Now I wonder if I go back to that church and talk to her she’ll still be receptive.

Usually it’s because they like sex, and really the fact that they’ll flirt/fuck anything is part of why they develop good skills with women in general and an abundance mentality that helps them get the really hot chicks.

So often they have this weird sexual history of everything from 2s to 10s.

One hideous acne-covered fatty literally said “wtf, you’d rather go home ALONE than FUCK?? ” while grinding her huge ass on me while I was leaning against a wall with my hands in my pockets giving the “save me” eyes to my buddy……who was all over her friend and down for going home with them lol Naturals have the most…”flexible” standards.There is also a suspicion factor at play, especially if the man is not desperate (or just happens to know better).If a woman approaches a man and it seems to good/easy to be true, it could be a scam.If she had the key, she’d think of coming early while she believes I’m still out.That is the basic situation you should be working with.

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