A dating experiment by thom eberhardt

Children and Books Links For Book Lovers About Me Contact Me Subscribe Make a Donation Post on Bulletin Board View Bulletin Board Reviewed February 11, 2002. However, when a friend finds a magic ring, she solves their problem by making a wish and transmutating two white rats into two adorably cute dates.A Sonderbooks' Best Book of 2002 (#8, Young Adult and Children's Fantasy and Science Fiction) Hyperion, 2001. There is a little problem that they don’t speak English and want to eat everything in sight, but that can be overcome, right? The author has wonderfully captured the voice of a ninth grade girl, without feeling the need to make it crude (like the author of The Princess Diaries did).In the past couple of years, the world of young adult literature has been able to move past the desperate cliches of boy/girl dating and into a place where characters' thoughts, feelings, and comments about the opposite sex are realistic, albeit awkward and somewhat comical. Yes, I realize that it's intended to be easy-going and fun, but it decends to the point of being surface and stereotypical.The characters talk like two highschoolers out of the eighties, more Valley Girl than today's teens would ever be.

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