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1946- Whilst working for MI5 Foyle investigates the murder of a professor, William Knowles, who had been a translator at the Nuremberg war trials.

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Everything that came over as brilliant on first viewings still are brilliant on re-watches."High Castle" is the first episode of the sadly last season of this wonderful series and while it is a decent episode it's a long way from being one of the best ' Foyle's War' episodes.

Foyle learns not only that Del Mar was recently visited by a high ranking Russian but that Knowles had photographs of German businessmen anxious to trade with Russia for its oil.

He travels to Nuremberg but finds another corpse, a former Nazi factory owner who had dealings with Knowles.

Image by Mihael Grmek / CC BY-SA 3.0 Overlooking Lake Bled, perched more than 100 metres high above on a precipice, is the Bled Castle.

Image by Eneko Bidegain / CC BY 2.0 The castle as seen from Lake Bled.

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