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as soaring and soulful as the great journey of Petty himself.” —Cameron Crowe “Expertly researched and deeply felt, is also the first peer-to-peer biography: the life of one musician through the eyes of a man who has prowled the same stages and chased the same dream.Warren Zanes tells his tale in a voice that is crisp and passionate, sympathetic, unsparing, and shot through with hard experience.” —Peter Ames Carlin “With insight and rigor, Warren Zanes digs into the brilliance and ambition that have driven Tom Petty's magnificent career.

Good music bios exist, but the concise tone of Zanes' is unique...

“Imagine a long ride on the tour bus with Tom and the Heartbreakers where everyone was feeling loose enough to tell all their stories. This book is that.” —Eddie Vedder “Tom Petty is a human-sized rock star, an ordinary guy from Florida who quietly amassed an indelible body of work, and created one of rock and roll's greatest and most durable bands along the way .

In this deeply engaging and highly readable biography, Warren Zanes not only illuminates the enigmatic man behind the songs, but he captures the human drama of being in a rock band as well as anyone who's ever written on the subject.” —Tom Perrotta “This amazing book is a Tom Petty biography (and it's great on that account) but it's far more than that.

An entertaining book about a musician, producer and performer as well as a portrait of the person behind the fame.” —] is an often, raw, frank and sometimes painful look at Petty’s life from his childhood onward, with many amazing revelations.” —ABC News “Zanes elevates [Petty] from the usual rocker biography...

After observing his friends being well paid for appearing in commercials he decided to turn to acting.

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