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newspaper, Shania will be performing at the Barretos rodeo festival in So Paulo, Brazil which takes place August 16-26. Speculation is Shania will perform at the festival on August 18.

The festival's Facebook page has been making daily posts using the NOW tour colors/fonts counting down to the "surprise" announcement on Monday. - Video message from Shania 2/21/18 Billboard Charts Update - Week Of February 24.

Click HERE to read an article from Radar Online and watch a preview clip from "The Price Of Fame: Shania Twain". ", "She's Not Just A Pretty Face" or "Forever And For Always". She'll sing "Life's About To Get Good", "Swingin' With My Eyes Closed" and probably 2 others.

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Click HERE to read the Lenny Letter article/interview with Shania.

" 2/13/18 Shania Biography/Docudrama "The Price Of Fame" - Preview Clip.

As reported last month, Shania's story will be a featured on the new series "The Price Of Fame".

After re-entering the Billboard Canadian Albums chart last week at No.

78 in its seventeenth week, Shania's new album falls 11 spots to No. 2/20/18 The Lasting Impact of Shania Twain's 'Come On Over'. 2/18/18 Shania Attends Diana Ross Concert In Las Vegas - PIC!

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