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The Hamersley Basin is endowed with largest Fe resources in the world, which are time equivalent (ca.

2400 Ma) of the Transvaal Group BIF in South Africa.

The origin of BIF and of granular iron-formation (GIF) remains a contentious issue with models invoking subaqueous hydrothermal discharges in lakes and/or ocean basins or in Red Sea type brine pools.

In all cases a density and oxic–anoxic stratified system is required to enable precipitation of Fe.

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During 1100 and 800 Ma alkaline rocks, including carbonatites and diamondiferous lamproites, were emplaced in the NAC, SAC and WAC.

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These deposits reflect collision and accretion events between ca. Orogenic Au lodes are generally, but not always, temporally associated with granitic rocks, but a genetic relationship remains elusive.Orthomagmatic Ni–Cu–PGE and Fe–Ti–V ore deposits in mafic–ultramafic systems are present in the Halls Creek Orogen (NAC) and the ca.1080 Ma Giles mafic–ultramafic intrusions in the Musgrave Complex (Paterson Orogen).Besides designing the architectural programme, we are also happy to organise reservations for transport, accommodation and restaurants and can provide an all-round no-worries programme for you if requested.All our hand-picked guiding architects have a professional background in architecture and urbanism with first-hand knowledge of the design and building culture in their country.

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