Was nicole brown simpson dating ronald goldman

“He didn t dispute it and he nodded, as if he was remembering,” Gilbert claims.“If it wasn t spot on, it was awfully damned close.” There has been no evidence that Nicole had a knife, and she probably never believed Simpson would kill her, John Q.The general manager of a Chicago airport hotel toldthat O. When he returned to his mansion in Brentwood, about two miles from his ex-wife’s home, according to , police came over, and Simpson was handcuffed for some period of time.Then police took him to headquarters in downtown Los Angeles "to conduct a follow-up investigation and to question him as a potential witness” police told the newspaper. Simpson attended Nicole Brown's funeral in Brentwood and burial in Lake Forest with their two children, Justin, 6, and Sydney, 9. Simpson spent that night at friend Robert Kardashian's house in San Fernando Valley, according to .“I saw all the pictures and the police reports and I heard tapes of Nicole calling 911 [after she was abused by O.

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But Gilbert was aware that this is how Simpson rationalized his behavior to his closest confidantes.

So what exactly did happen that night in Brentwood, California and in the days that followed? Steven Schwab, who lived in Nicole Brown Simpson’s neighborhood, testified that he had come across an Akita dog with bloody paws while out walking his own dog around p.m.

What were the circumstances of the white bronco chase that no one who watched it on live TV will ever forget? At , one of Nicole’s sisters called Mezzaluna to say that the women’s mother left her glasses at the restaurant. He left the restaurant around p.m., according to witness testimonies in the subsequent murder trial. That timing, the prosecution claimed, would have given O. Simpson time to commit the crime and return to his Brentwood mansion, where a limo driver picked him up around 11 p.m., Court TV reported.

Simpson was acquitted in a criminal trial in October 1995, though he was later found liable for the deaths in civil court.

There, the Browns had two more daughters, Dominique and Tanya.

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