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•If you use device defaults to assign a firmware load that does not exist in the directory, those devices will fail to load the assigned firmware. See the "Adding Phone Button Templates" section on page 47-4. Step 2 Update the appropriate settings for the device that you want to change as described in Table 6-1.If you choose not to reset all devices of that type, only new devices that are added after you change the device defaults receive the latest defaults.Step 4 Click the Reset icon to the left of the device name to reset all the devices of that type and load the new defaults on all Cisco Call Managers in the cluster.

If you install an upgrade or patch load, you must update the load information for each type of device that uses the new load.

What else do I need in the root directory of the TFTP server other than the software? Can I do it with a TFTP server on a laptop and manually setting the TFTP address on the phone?

What else do I need in the root directory of the TFTP server other than the software?

Installing Cisco Call Manager automatically sets device defaults.

You cannot create new device defaults or delete existing ones, but you can change the default settings by using the following topics: •Updating Device Defaults •Device Defaults Configuration Settings •Finding Devices With Non-Default Firmware Loads •Device Firmware Loads, This section describes how to modify the device defaults in the Cisco Call Manager configuration database.

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