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Computer have dating wasnt users sites inform other, from a mobile site as?He's not in my club if anything happens.' Oh dear: John added: 'They assume he's definitely going to want to have sex with me.And that's why men aren't comfortable with gay men.'I love that when Shane hears something he disagrees with or something that isn't right he tries to educate the person in a respectful way, like he just did with John! Another added: 'Shane J explains everything so professionally and calmly. Exactly the right response,' a third penned.'Good on Shane J for confronting john about those outdated views,' a fourth fan chimed in agreement.'However, other fans praised John for being honest about how he feels.One user wrote: 'Reading everyone's 'shocked' tweets about John. Most men his age feel the same and they won't change their minds.'Another penned: 'I love the way John can speak the way a lot of men feel and it is the way a lot of men feel, it is not with hate.

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