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This freaked me out because I have never ridden on a motorcycle before.

I have always been way too scared to jump on to one, but I decided Australia is the place where I am facing my fears! (I totally Googled “how to ride on the back of a motorcycle” while on the ferry over, #noshame).

A draft family-planning policy before the Government in Dili would force unmarried women and girls to use only natural methods which many argue increase the risks of unwanted pregnancy, particularly among young and poorly educated women.

When mentioning this holiday to my Aussie roomies they just looked at me like “WTF did she just say?Finally, his misery was just too much for me to watch and hear so I said I wanted to buy a jacket (Guys are so stubborn! This guy couldn’t even get a single giggle out of me.) I got a jacket, gave his back and instantly his mood turned for the better. We began on the walk and had some really good conversations. I could tell he was going to try and make a move in the cave, so to ensure that he didn’t, I said something stupid and then started running.Teenage girls in East Timor have a one-in-four chance of giving birth by the time they are 19.The devoutly Catholic country has one of the highest fertility rates in the world at 5.6 — meaning the average Timorese woman will have between five and six children.

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