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How do they know whether I am [a paedophile] or not? When asked about the paedophilia rumours, Savile responded, "What rumours? In 2007, Savile was interviewed under caution by police investigating an allegation of indecent assault at the now-closed Duncroft Approved School for Girls near Staines in the 1970s when he was a regular visitor.

Savile's former colleagues said he made no attempt to hide his interest in girls from them, while another said she had walked in on him french kissing an underage girl.Immediately after Savile's death, Meirion Jones and Liz Mackean from the BBC programme Newsnight began to investigate reports that he had sexually abused children.They interviewed one alleged victim on camera and talked to a number of others who were willing to be quoted about alleged abuse at Duncroft Approved School near London, the BBC, and Stoke Mandeville Hospital.He said that Savile had sexually assaulted victims aged between five and 75 in NHS hospitals, and apologised to the victims.Further investigations, in hospitals and elsewhere, led to additional allegations of sexual abuse by Savile.

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