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I jokingly asked if she was planning to spend the night in the hallway to make sure we couple she knew that hadn't begun their trip with a fight.The women all had boyfriends, the men all had girlfriends and there was seldom any romance on the dates. Apparently the dating game seldom became a mating game. There wasn't a need for these women to have other talents, since the questions they posed to the bachelors were written for them on three-by-five cards.Jim Lange would prompt, the ladies would read, and the guys would do their thing.It was dead simple in concept -- a young woman was asked to select one of three bachelors for a date that was arranged and paid for by the show.

It was just the televised equivalent of meeting someone at a bar.

The show's was manifest when Lange -- wielding his trademark voice-with-a-smile -- would let the grilling begin by announcing "it's time to meet our three, alumni bachelors..." That small bit of Latin -- "alumni" -- dropped quickly into the middle of his sentence, was the fine print that kept the show kosher with the FCC.

From the contestants' point of view, the women actually had a better deal than the guys, simply because they were guaranteed a date, while we would get a trip only roughly one time in three (and in my case, not even that).

But more than that, the women couldn't actually see us (we were behind a partition), and they were frequently unable to remember who had said what. In fact, the one time that I actually won the date, the young lady who picked me told Lange that she made her decision because "she always liked the number two." I was bachelor number two.

Our date was to spend five days in Acapulco, and it was a good time.

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