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Armies fought for its freedoms and right to be - an American!!! America has never had to feel the wrath of a Homeland War. Congress, a House meant to represent the ethos of Americans freedom and conscience of the nation, has failed abysmally. Betrayus came in hailed as a Hero and left as a Leper. And he thinks Russia's and China's major scale War Games are not practice attacks for war? How did this Beacon of Light nation EVER allow itself to get in a so goddamn awful and dirty mess? The Agency Drug deals for vast Billions in conjunction with sordid Bankers, and the only overriding agenda in the corridors of power, is My Lick! Truly, the Barbarians are now already within the gates and running the Zoo. 55% of all Taxes plus vast Grey and Black Screen Trillions from Bank Trading Programs are generated to fund an ever greater out of control Military monstrosity, whose largesse feeds the favored Contractors families. Every dollar sequestrated by these manipulative Traitors, steals the hopes and dreams of the nation. These are Parasites who robbed with the Banks, and betray the nation as Traitors, robbing the life blood of Americans by manipulating State contracts entrusted to their watch. While pampered Barbara Bush, living fat from the proceeds of Bush crime, arrogantly asks why should she stress her beautiful mind worrying about the suffering and deaths of the poor? Yet this is STILL the nation with unparalleled ability, Education and intellect to regenerate a new world path to both enrich and enlighten nations.

Not so long ago someone could have one watch for his or her lifetime.

One World of Nations 10 October 2014 America is now the Founding Fathers Worst Nightmare. So many noble thoughts and lives cost for this travesty? We are really just one nation of everyone, interdependent upon each other. Up to 60% died in transit, chained in appalling conditions, and subjected to brutal inhumanity by an ignorant species of low life Predators.

Your failed Leaders Bad decisions travel and affect everyone on this planet in consequences. Millions of poor, innocent Africans, were seized from their villages, and came in genocidal bondage as Slaves.

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