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She helps us to stay curious about each other and to recognize the meaning (baggage) we attach to miscommunications and fights. She has saved our relationship and more than that, she has given me great confidence that my fiancé and I are going to grow ever closer in love as we learn more about each other and ourselves. I must mention that although I was there for couples counseling, the information I learned during my sessions help to save and better other relationships at work and with my family. She first came into our lives when our 13 year old son was just 3.She shows us how to navigate the rough waters by gently guiding us back to the fundamentals. We came to her with big challenges and we are now engaged to be married. I am really appreciative of my experience and highly recommend The NY Center For Healthy Relationships, Intimacy, and Sexuality for anyone seeking to better their quality of life. He was beginning to show signs of ADHD and impulse control and was struggling in his progressive preschool setting But, he also showed clear signs of giftedness. Landsmark administered the Stanford Binet IQ test and gave us feedback that helped us get our son into a more structured school setting with a gifted and talented program, which he soared in.We finally came to this point and decided to hire a counselor.As of now we had two sessions with Gene and I must admit all our fears went away.Now I have my own small business, I actually enjoy working, I am happy and I am so thankfull for having contacted Emilio Mazzucotelli.He changed my life, he taught me how to change my life.Over the last 20 years, we have been providing dating and relationship advice, launching global campaigns to educate families and individuals about the benefits of honoring the feminine.By treating women and girls with more respect, everyone benefits.

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She continues to be there for me whenever I need her, but often reminds me that I don't need her like I used to & encourages me to go inside myself & find what I need. Hi, I am Llovizna and I wanted to share with everyone, the great experience I had; and have still, with Emilio Mazzucotelli. He provided a safe and comfortable environment for us to address uncomfortable issues. He gave us different activities to help us be more successful with our communication and to rebuild trust. She has really opened up my approach to handling people in general! I used his services for couple’s relationship counseling. He was able to get us back on track by really listening to us and providing real options for our situation.Inspiring others, improving governmental agencies, and building consensus results in more a innovative and peaceful world.How would you like to help make this world safer for women to live the lives they choose?

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