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You have to make very sure of the address, seeing that you have to fork out every time the bailiff does not succeed in delivering the summons.Once the summons has been delivered successfully, the bailiff will issue a report to this effect.Please note, when the court is of the opinion that marriage partners should make another attempt at reconciliation, they are allowed to send the parties back for counseling or some form of treatment.A divorce can be granted on ground of Irreconcilable Differences or on grounds of Mental Illness.It does not, however, exclude other facts and circumstances that might indicate irrevocable disintegration.(Abuse of spouse and or children, alcohol and drug abuse, no respect or love left, breakdown of communication, etc.) When does mental illness constitute grounds for divorce?(Court officials will assist you in this regard as well.) The address on the summons must be the physical residential or work address of your spouse.The costs payable to the bailiff could amount to between R80.00 and R150.00, depending on the location and distance of the physical address.

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Let’s have a look at the procedure of a legal and relatively speedy divorce by means of the Regional Divorce Courts.Imagine how much pressure this places on our legal system.Before you start worrying about the grounds for divorce, you should consider whether you have made all reasonable attempts to salvage your marriage.What happens once the documents have been completed?After completion of the documents (the court officials will help you with this) you receive a case number, which will be indicated on the summons.

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