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They want to distance themselves from the untrue tale they want you to believe. They hope you will accept as true everything related to whatever incident they are telling you.Part of liars' strategy is to use lots of "fluff" words that offer little detail but seem to add something to their tale.

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This heightened tension may cause the eyes to increase blink rate also.Scratching and rubbing their nose is common in liars, but don't accuse all nose-rubbers of being liars!If you believe someone is lying, change the subject quickly and watch their reactions.Both women's and men's lies are often used to elevate their status to discourage competition.An example is when a woman says to a female friend who shows interest in her boyfriend: "My boyfriend is impotent, snores and really is a slob, so I just go with him to help him." (Jump to top next paragraph . .) The liar tends to shut down and tries to maintain control of the situation and in so doing becomes quieter and stops normal body movements until you have accepted the lie.

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