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Specifically, out-of-court identifications of a person as the perpetrator of a crime are admissible if they were made at a time when the crime was still fresh in the witness's memory.: A defendant is on trial for felony hit and run involving death or injury, for allegedly striking a pedestrian in his Buick and then driving away.So if you want something to do with me then you will have to accept that you are not the only one.But I can tell you that there is always the possibility that down the road if the right person comes along that they will be able to get me to give up my FWB's.The whole reason that this s/n was created was because of the fact that there was a glitch here on Adult Friend Finder and i was not able to get into the site since they are the ones that lost my original account.but now that i have that one back and this one up and running i will be chatting on both of them as well as camming on both of them.

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