Enrich data by updating records rather than creating new records dog lovers and dating

Unfortunately, this useful feature was removed from the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 RTM version.I am not sure why, some claim it is potentially harmful and can make a mess of existing data.This is because there is no way for MSCRM to know which records have been changed.This triggers unnecessary Workflow associated with these records.The modified records are highlighted with Red background as shown in figure below.Monitor the progress of the import job in MSCRM by viewing the Workplace-: Data shown in the Grid can be saved in CSV format by clicking on Export Records to CSV.In addition to the columns defined in the saved view, we also get the primary key and ‘last modified’ fields for the records.

This feature is very useful in scenarios where mass update is required for existing data or when you need an external party to add data to your existing CRM records.The System and User views of the selected entities are shown in the selection box.When user selects a view and clicks the “Show Records” button, we retrieve all the columns of that particular view and show to the user in the data grid.Note: A record will not be updated if it has been changed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM after it was exported.In the Map Source Data to Microsoft Dynamics CRM section you will always see at least one Ignored column warning for the Modified On column.

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