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Poetry chat room telugu hit escape, backspace and in either way we'll always find ourselves unchanged. Bhuvaneswara Reddy December 8, Craig Harrison Aug Star Gazer Aug I must be a dumb arsehole but I really thought yes maybe this time yes maybe just maybe finally after more fuck-ups than a cut-price whore has per year and I one more time fell for their lies and another date went wrong and my poor bleeding heart broken like a duck's beak hit by a twin-bore shotgun cannonade. Soumya Prema - Telugu Story Page: The last thing Someone writes Is the last thought They have before sleep If You read straight down You're reading backwards From how they thought How their feelings changed From pain Poetry chat room telugu self-hate From fear To certainty To self-awareness To Love Poems on here are like backwards chatrooms - read the first poem then to the end; not the other way round. Where information superhighways Are all full of passing cars. Hello Poetry Classics Words Blog Chat rooms To find friends And all I found Were perverts And sex addicts (Poems on here are like backwards chatrooms.

Kavitvalu rasevalle desanni munduki ela nadipinchalu ane kotha kotha thoughts vastaii. Manam Jeevitamlo Edigevalam - Brief Poetry chat room telugu.

So how much more of mankind are we Where our eyes are glued to a screen And chatrooms are as far as we've ever been. In a world of wires and threads Of bits and bytes of data How alone have we become. We're all connected, we've forgotten Whether to check or uncheck the connection, We've lived as circles on poetry chat room telugu square nothing More than bits of bytes for an avatar; Where we witness sex before driving a car, And we're caught in some lie the world built That we are so enchanted by thoughts of "The single ladies are in your area" So we build blindfolds on what truth the lie beholds We're all just bits and bytes of data.

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