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Parker explains, “I personally think that Ted Rand shares some of the kudos for making the 49’er a household name with his inspired illustrations.” Ted Rand began illustrating Pendleton ads in 1953.His elegant women and echoes of the Western landscape moved the jacket from the campus to the suburbs, where it became the staple of a woman’s wardrobe.It’s possible that by wearing their husband’s shirts, women kept the memories of their husbands, fiancés and brothers close, though many undoubtedly needed some serious work wear that was simply not available for women at the time. In 1949, when market research identified an opportunity for sportswear for women, Pendleton entered the market with their first women’s line.This was a test offering of classic skirts, jackets and shirt, to test exactly how the American woman would react to a branded line of virgin wool sportswear.Miss Wiechmann sewed the original samples herself, taking styling particulars from the Pendleton men’s shirt.

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Miss Weichmann was very particular about these buttons. One hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of , in 1956.The popularity soared and knock-offs abounded, to the point where the company had to seek legal protection of the design. The earliest 49’er in the Pendleton archives is a red, yellow and chartreuse version owned by Mrs.Sarah Brourink, who sent it to our archives in the year 2000 after wearing it for 51 years. In the years of its prime (1949-1961), over a million Pendleton 49’ers were sold to American women.She insisted on a special black shell from Australia and Tahiti, supplied by J. In 1956 alone, Pendleton would use 0,000.00 worth of these buttons. The desirability of the 49’er was immediate, despite the introductory retail price range of .95 to .95.Says Parker, “We have many testimonials of how young women saved their babysitting and strawberry-picking money in order to buy a 49’er.

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