Free webcam no sign

It can also play any sound on your computer, or start another program (such as a lock-down or keyboard locking application). You just have to have plug in the outgoing settings on Google's help page and it will send a high-quality screen shot of whatever motion it's captured just a few seconds after it happens.

Using this with your phone's e-mail address will give you a live alert and a saved copy of all the shots in Gmail's sent folder.

It's not included in this roundup since it costs money to use.

Webware can sometimes be less capable than software but on the plus side there's nothing to install.

You can have it send you an SMS alert, or an e-mail--both of which can link to the video or a snapshot.

Home Camera (PC) This software runs a streaming video client that can be accessed from any computer with a browser.

You can view either live video or snapshots that can be taken at intervals or on-demand.

The app does an exceptional job at letting you pick various ways you want to be notified.

You can have it upload screen shots to an FTP site or as an e-mail.

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