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Deadline for applications is 1/15, and the program (aka training) will officially start in mid-March. Alas, due to a variety of factors, I will have to postpone that plan for a few months ... While looking through my Big Bag o' Steno Stuff the other day, I discovered I had a lot of books: "Q&A, a Faster Way," "Practice With a Purpose" (sorry, no link for that one! Alas, my Turkey Day was marred by the discovery that Dave Mc Kenna, jazz pianist extraordinaire, passed away on October 18th.

Additionally, we will also very soon be looking for our 15 online students who will participate in the pilot.

Remember folks, to our knowledge, no single student failed to graduate from a court reporting program for any reason other than lack of steno speed. The Task Force is meeting regularly for updates." As you might guess, I wanted more info ... and I find this over on the NCRA's website: NEW STUDENTS NEEDED FOR INNOVATIVE TRAINING PROGRAM "This" being the very same project I read about thanks to Laura B., way back in June!

so I searched through a few posts over on the old NCRA Forum, and found out ... Here's a few highlights: , never-been-to-CR-school students ...

The only sticking point is they want me to switch to Case Catalyst.

To that end, I have applied for and been accepted by Green River Community College, where I will (hopefully) be participating in their online program, starting next month.

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