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Why would you want to simulate a conversation with a robot when you already know what it’s like IRL?Chin said that part of it is validation — knowing that is emblematic of a larger problem many people encounter.They're the kind that don't seem offensive on the surface, so’s messages range from innocuous to extreme.The creators’ hope is that people can engage with long enough to bridge the gap between the two.

The chatbot is connected to a database with more than 100 responses.

Joanna Chin and Bryan Collinsworth, two design and technology MFA students at The New School, created for a javascript class.

Their creation has two purposes: One is to explore chatbots and artificial intelligence, and the second is to share a social message.

That message addresses the landscape of interactions between men and women, particularly the way men speak to women.

For women who experience these conversations, might seem unnecessary.

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