Church dating service

The tips I’m about to give you come straight out of the Word of God.And God is the greatest Romance Expert who ever lived!God was asking me to trust Him – fully, completely, and whole-heartedly.He was asking me to allow Him to write my love story. Even though my Sunday school upbringing had taught me that God loved me, inwardly I always felt like maybe He was more interested in making me miserable than in blessing my life.Modern experts point out that the odds are against you; that today’s men are less interested in commitment and marriage than ever before – therefore, it is up to you, as a woman who knows what she wants, to help push things in the right direction.

”For many young women, these arguments can seem compelling.Some Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations host events or small group ministries for individuals who are not in a committed relationship.Find a congregation near you, or contact your district office for more information on local resources.What if I gave Him the pen and He completely destroyed this area of my life?What if He never allowed me to find a love story at all?

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