Dating landing page example

So, I made an aluminum backing plate for each coaming out of 0.090 inch 6061 aluminum (cut out of US worth of sheet stock, at US/pound).This was quite a lot of work, with lots of fussy pattern-making and at least eight to ten hours of band sawing and filing/shaping.

Modding a Folbot is sort of like hod rodding your car 😉 Probably the one area most people want to modify on a Folbot is the rudder.

Unless there were a very large demand for these, Folbot could not justify generating the tooling needed to make these.

The biggest obstacle is the coaming and joining it to the deck.

In addition, the plastic-tube-supported holes are too small for me to quickly slide my body through on surf/surge launches.

I wanted a more durable deck, with larger cockpit holes and coamings I could fit hardshell sprayskirts to.

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