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Most importantly their ECDH shared keys are XORed with the SHA-256 hashed group password, which results in that their communication cannot be deciphered via participants using another password - if multiple groups being created under the same name but with different passwords, then each group member will be visible only to the ones that entered with the common one.Thanks to the third layer's encryption and to the group password that never leaves the client, it is not possible to decode the messages even on server side.Experience all this and more: We choose every single site in our list with ultimate precision.

They build up individual TLS connections with each other within a group, once again using ECDH (but now with Curve25519 curve) for key exchange and AES-256 (in CTR mode) for ciphering.

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Group name and username doesn't have to be handled as a secret information, unlike the password.

CHATCRYPT's unique tri-layer encryption starts with a traditional secured Web Socket (wss) connection to the application server, then it builds up a custom Transport Layer Security within it, using ECDH (with NIST P-521 curve) for key exchange and AES-256 (in CTR mode) for ciphering.

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