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To prevent a client app from bypassing the enforcement of policies, you should check whether it is possible to only enable modern authentication on the affected cloud apps.

Examples for client apps conditional access does not apply to are: For more information, see Set up Share Point Online and Exchange Online for Azure Active Directory conditional access.

In your response, you enforce additional requirements such as multi-factor authentication, a managed device, and others.

In the context of Azure AD conditional access, the requirements your policy enforces are called access controls.

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With Azure AD conditional access, you can control how authorized users can access your cloud apps.A key aspect of cloud security is identity and access when it comes to managing your cloud resources.In a mobile-first, cloud-first world, users can access your organization's resources using a variety of devices and apps from anywhere.In Azure AD conditional access, the two assignment conditions play a special role: These two conditions are mandatory in a conditional access policy.In addition to the two mandatory conditions, you can also include additional conditions that describe how the access attempt is performed.

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