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.559160 IP cfengine I don't see this with my 10.3 clients. Thought maybe it have something to do with delayed acks, but setting tcp.delayed_ack=0 does not affect it.At this point I can only think of using a sleep(1) between connections to work around.Cfengine uses a declarative language to define the desired end state of a system, as opposed to some other configuration management tools that define what should be done to a system.Cfengine actions are carried out in a convergent manner, meaning it can be run any number of times on a system in almost any state, and end up with the desired end state.Cfengine is a policy-based configuration management system written by Mark Burgess.

The purpose of this is to provide an audit trail for cron jobs.

-d /var/cfengine/outputs ]then mkdir /var/cfengine/outputsfi# cfagent.hellocontrol: actionsequence = ( shellcommands )shellcommands: “/bin/echo Hello world!

” useshell=false To execute:# /var/cfengine/bin/cfagent –f cfagent.hellocfengine:cis:/bin/echo Hello: Hello world!

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