Consolidating your 12016 debt

Amends the FDIA to: (1) repeal its exit moratorium and conversion (Oakar) provisions; (2) replace the BIF with a deposit insurance fund initially consisting of the merged assets and liabilities of the BIF and SAIF; (3) direct the FDIC to merge the BIF and SAIF into the deposit insurance fund on January 1, 1998; and (4) establish in the new deposit insurance fund a special emergency reserve. 2204) Prescribes procedural guidelines with respect to the refund of amounts in a deposit insurance fund in excess of the designated reserve amount. 2205) Prohibits the FDIC Board of Directors from setting semi-annual assessments in excess of the amount needed to maintain or achieve the designated reserve ratio of a deposit insurance fund.

Chapter 2: Status of Banks and Savings Associations - Prescribes procedural guidelines for the termination of Federal savings association charters and their conversion into national bank charters or State depository institution charters.

House - Budget; Agriculture; Banking and Financial Services; Commerce; Economic and Educational; Government Reform; International Relations; Judiciary; National Security; Resources; Rules; Science; Transportation and Infrastructure; Veterans' Affairs; Ways and Means TABLE OF CONTENTS: Title I: Committee on Agriculture Subtitle A: Freedom to Farm Subtitle B: Dairy Subtitle C: Other Commodities Subtitle D: Miscellaneous Program Changes Subtitle E: Commission on 21st Century Production Agriculture Title II: Committee on Banking and Financial Services Subtitle A: Housing Provisions Subtitle B: Thrift Charter Conversion Subtitle C: Community Reinvestment Act Amendments Subtitle D: Phase-Down of Oversight Board Title III: Committee on Commerce Subtitle A: Communications Subtitle B: Nuclear Regulatory Commission Annual Charge Subtitle C: United States Enrichment Corporation Subtitle D: Waste Isolation Pilot Project Subtitle E: Strategic Petroleum Reserve Title IV: Committee on Economic and Educational Opportunities Subtitle A: Higher Education Subtitle B: Service Contract Repeal Subtitle C: Provisions Relating to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 Title V: Committee on Government Reform and Oversight Title VI: Committee on International Relations Subtitle A: Recovery of Costs of Certain Health Care Services Subtitle B: Enactment into Law of Division A of H. 1561 Subtitle C: Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity (LIBERTAD) Act of 1995 Title VII: Committee on the Judiciary Title VIII: Committee on National Security Subtitle A: Military Retired Pay Subtitle B: Naval Petroleum Reserves Subtitle C: National Defense Stockpile Title IX: Committee on Resources Subtitle A: Alaska and Helium Privatization Subtitle B: Water and Power Subtitle C: National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands Subtitle D: Territories Subtitle E: Minerals Subtitle F: Indian Gaming Subtitle G: Consultation Subtitle H: Mapping Title X: Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Subtitle A: Water Resources Subtitle B: Ocean Shipping Reform Subtitle C: Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie Subtitle D: Miscellaneous Provisions Title XI: Committee on Veterans' Affairs Subtitle A: Extension of Temporary Authorization Subtitle B: Other Matters Subtitle C: Health Care Eligibility Reform Title XII: Trade Subtitle A: Technical Corrections and Miscellaneous Trade Provisions Subtitle B: Generalized System of Preferences Subtitle C: Trade Adjustment Assistance Title XIII: Committee on Ways and Means-Revenue Reconciliation Subtitle A: Extension of Expiring Provisions, Etc.

Subtitle B: Medical Savings Accounts Subtitle C: Pickle-Johnson Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2 Subtitle D: Additional Technical Corrections Subtitle E: Tax Information Sharing Subtitle F: Revenue Increases Subtitle G: Reform of the Earned Income Tax Credit Subtitle H: Increase in Public Debt Limit Subtitle I: Coal Industry Retiree Health Equity Title XIV: Committee on Ways and Means-Tax Simplification Subtitle A: Provisions Relating to Individuals Subtitle B: Pension Simplification Subtitle C: Treatment of Large Partnerships Subtitle D: Foreign Provisions Subtitle E: Other Income Tax Provisions Subtitle F: Estates and Trusts Subtitle G: Excise Tax Simplification Subtitle H: Administrative Provisions Title XV: Preserving, Protecting, and Strengthening Medicare Title XVI: Transformation of the Medicaid Program Title XVII: Abolishment of Department of Commerce Subtitle A: Abolishment of Department of Commerce Subtitle B: Disposition of Various Programs, Functions, and Agencies of Department of Commerce Subtitle C: Office of United States Trade Representative Subtitle D: Patent and Trademark Office Corporation Subtitle E: Miscellaneous Provisions Title XVIII: Welfare Reform Title XIX: Contract with America-Tax Relief Title XX: Budget Enforcement Seven-Year Balanced Budget Reconciliation Act of 1995 - Title I: Committee on Agriculture - Agricultural Reconciliation Act of 1995 - Subtitle A: Freedom to Farm - Freedom to Farm Act of 1995 - Amends the Agricultural Act of 1949 (Act) to direct the Secretary of Agriculture (Secretary) to offer seven-year market transition contracts for cropland compliance with conservation and wetland requirements. 1103) Makes nonrecourse marketing assistance loans available through crop year 2002 for wheat, feed grains, upland cotton, extra long staple cotton, rice, and oilseeds. 1104) Amends the Food Security Act of 1985 to revise certain agricultural program payment limitations relating to individual attribution of payments to corporations. Chapter 3: Dairy Promotion Programs - Amends the Fluid Milk Promotion Act of 1990 to extend fluid milk marketing order authority. 1222) Amends the Dairy Production Stabilization Act of 1983 to include imported dairy products under the dairy promotion program.

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Title III: Committee on Commerce - Subtitle A: Communications - Chapter 1: Spectrum Auctions - Amends the Communications Act of 1934 (the Act) to state that certain competitive bidding requirements shall not apply to licenses or construction permits issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC): (1) that, as the result of the FCC carrying out specified obligations, are not mutually exclusive; (2) for public safety radio services, including non-Government uses that protect the safety of life, health, and property and that are not made commercially available to the public; or (3) for initial licenses or construction permits for new terrestrial digital television (TV) services assigned by the FCC to existing terrestrial broadcast licensees to replace their current TV licenses.Chapter 2: Dairy Export Programs - Amends the Food Security Act of 1985 with regard to the dairy export incentive program, including maximum levels of Commodity Credit Corporation assistance. 1212) Directs the Secretary to assist the dairy industry to establish and maintain an export trading company, or alternatively, to identify another nongovernmental entity for such purpose under specified circumstances. 1214) Directs the Secretary to study the potential impact on the U. Chapter 5: Miscellaneous Provisions Related to Dairy - Amends the Act to extend dairy product transfer authority for military and veterans hospitals. 1242) Amends Federal law to extend the dairy indemnity program.Subtitle C: Other Commodities - Amends the Act and the Agricultural Adjustment Act of 1938 to extend and revise peanut price support and quota programs. 1302) Amends the Act to provide loans (recourse or nonrecourse depending upon sugar tariff levels) for sugarcane and sugar beet processors.Directs the FCC to conduct the competitive bidding for not less than one-half of such aggregate spectrum by September 30, 2000.Requires the FCC, in making available bands of frequencies for competitive bidding, to: (1) seek to promote the most efficient use of the spectrum; (2) take into account the cost to incumbent licensees of relocating existing uses to other bands of frequencies or other means of communication and the needs of public safety radio services; and (3) comply with the requirements of international agreements concerning spectrum allocations.

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