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” And so if mere physical attraction or kind of emotive, frilly, this is, “the one” type of weirdness is driving it, then, yeah, I think if the relationship is outpacing a knowledge of character, reputation and knowledge of godliness then that is way too quick.

But, again, to go back to what I said earlier, if the person is known, if you are in a context in which you have watched their godliness, you have marveled at their character, you have rejoiced in what God does in them and through them, then I think that speed isn’t as big of a factor.

It's a constant battle of when you're no longer in your early 20s and have college life to help you meet new people. Relationship status: In a relationship with the trails. Photo by: Katie Yarborough If I'm not hiking, I'm working my butt off to save up for the next backpacking trip. Photo by: Katie Yarborough My friends are living it up in the big city of Nashville. If you're like me as an avid hiker, you spend every waking moment planning your next date on the trail and not you're next date at a new restaurant in town. Kidding, I was bit more descriptive than that, but you get the gist. " I get excited telling someone about my ventures and passion, and then to describe to them your daily life on the trails.

When I'm not traveling out of state for trails, I'm spending my weekends on the local trails in Tennessee. However, I know I need to at least attempt to spend some time dating someone. Me: Adds a bunch of non-basic white girl photos of myself on my hiking adventures. Photo by: Katie Yarborough --Proceeds to start swiping-- Yes, you all love tacos, beer, and your dog. Looking for someone to hang with and if it goes further to a relationship then that's cool? You want to keep yourself free to browse or run if you need to. Some of us aren't looking for hookups or a fling though. " Me:"Oh I hike a lot, travel to hike, and workout in the gym preparing for hikes." Them: "Cool! Including having to use a poop shovel (probably not my most shining moment of chitchatting topics.) Their responses, "So you're like a hippie? I love and relish the days I get to relax on the couch and binge watch tv shows. I always reply with a smile and, "I'm happy on the trails.

Cover photo by: Katie Yarborough Please respect the places you find on The Outbound.

Always practice Leave No Trace ethics on your adventures.

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If, though, we are saying that technology has changed the game in regards to how single young men and women approach one another before that relationship is being defined, then that is where I have got a lot of cause and concern about technology.It's amazing to experience it with other hikers that feel the same as you about it. My hiking friends and I laughed and joked one night around a campfire, while drinking a lot of wine, telling war stories from dating. I ended up having surgery six months later, however, while on the trail, I came across a wonderful couple of cousins from Puerto Rico that I made friends with instantly.Imagine feeling that amazing feeling with your other half. We came up with the idea for a dating app for hikers. I'll trademark it soon and run with it, before some hipster does it. When they saw me carrying my heavy pack and the struggle because of my knees, they made me switch my backpack with them and give me their day pack because it was 30 pounds lighter.The motivation that you get from your significant other pushing you to keep climbing those long miles, when you're dog-tired, only to sleep on the ground and to eat out of a bag. We'd call it 'Timber.' Maybe have a man wearing a red plaid shirt holding a trekking pole instead of an ax. Photo by: Katie Yarborough Trail hikers make up the best kinds of down-to-earth people. They proceeded to carry my pack that day on the trail for me, as well as carrying various items out of my pack the rest of the trip.They show true, honest, and amazing characteristics that I cherish on my trips. That is some solid and amazing characteristics of a good human being and a good person. When you reach the top of the mountain, and you're overseeing everything you've hiked to..amazing view, the feeling of peacefulness and happiness... Every trail hiker makes every one of us better people and better hikers.

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