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we must think age consumers in their own health all of the time, not just when they have a medical emergency or a health circumstances that causes them and drive them into the health care system.

i think this is especially true when we think about how we will improve health at a time when more than half of americans live with some type of chronic condition like diabetes or obesity.

if we must assign blame, it extends across every entity involved and engaged in health care, including my own line of work.

i believe insurers have failed consumers by not providing trans -- timely information about what things cost, quality outcomes or how the system really works, offering advice and guidance about how to navigate the system .

we must engage in preventative practices, and we must be fully compliant with the care directives that come from our physician partners when we asked them for help and access care.a very daunting statistic and one that is getting worse rather than looking through the consumer lens, how can we make it better gor?the goal of these kinds of resources is to get consumers the data they need to choose.the ones that offer the best value for the individual consumer.

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