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The painting of The Crying Boy remained untouched, while all around it was charred ruins. A fire station officer, Alan Wilkinson, said he knew of numerous other cases where this same painting was the only object in a house to survive a fire unscathed.

A photo accompanying the story showed The Crying Boy, and the caption read, “Tears for fears…

the portrait that firemen claim is cursed.” ran a follow-up, saying they’d been flooded by calls from “horrified readers”.

Dora Mann said her house burnt down just six months after she bought the painting.

Soon, their offices were stacked with 2500 prints of The Crying Boy.

They were eventually burnt in a gigantic bonfire, with Page Three girls helping out. A story spread that the “crying boy” was a Spanish street urchin called Don Bonillo, whose parents had died in a fire.

When she invites Miranda out for a weird simu-double-date with her, Aidan and Steve so she can try and bag Aidan again.

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Oh god, let's just start with the worst time, when she made Aidan go to Miranda's apartment to help her after she'd slipped and fallen (because she had a meeting, fair enough). Didn't even consider e Bay, Gumtree or any other designer shoe-selling outlet. She didn't answer the phone to her, because she had AN AFFAIR WITH HER HUSBAND.

He then saw her naked and Miranda was absolutely mortified in a vulnerable moment and Carrie pretended to go round and apologise but really just wanted to moan about her lovely boyfriend. Oh great, good idea, go and sulk at her when she's having lunch. (She did then get mugged though, which was pretty tragic) 6.

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