The dating game office party ideas

Now turn on some good dancing music and tell them to start dancing but not to step outside of the paper.

You will occasionally stop the music and they will fold their paper in half. It’s also a great opportunity for your guests to find out interesting things about each other. The first person begins with “I never…” and follows up with something like “I never had a one night stand” and those that this is the truth do not have to drink. Continue on around the circle until everyone has had their fill for the night.

To make things even easier and more entertaining I have gathered up some great games to get everyone smiling and laughing.

You will need sticker paper and a marker for this game.

The blindfolded will count to twenty and say “Be My Valentine.” Whoever is holding the box of chocolates has to kiss the blindfolded one, (on the cheek or the hand, whatever they prefer).It makes for great conversation pieces throughout the party.You will need stickers, any type will do, for this game. Pick key words that your guests are forbidden from saying.For example, we met at the grocery store or we only dated for a month before we were married, any little facts will work. Once everyone has arrived, hand each couple a paper and pen and read off the facts on the papers, one by one.The guests are to then write down which couple they believe it pertains to.

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