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If you already use live chat on your site, there really is no reason to keep paying per agent!Every day we listen to user feedback, to learn more about the features we should be focussing on.Feel free to chat with us at any time to discuss your specific live chat needs. There are no limits to the number of agents that you can share a site with.Currently we generate revenue by providing live answering services for a select group of customers - though to use the software yourself is completely free, with no limits at all on the number of Agents, Chat Volumes or sites that you can add widgets to. is an Agent Centric chat application, which means every agent has their own account and you can share 'sites'.Ask your tech how you can save with a Home Warranty – a single protection plan that covers multiple appliances and systems in your home, regardless of their age, brand, or where they were purchased.* Learn more about Sears Home Warranty See Terms Conditions, and Limitations. Covered items must be in good working order at time of activation. Schedule online, get updates and confirmation via text messages, and a phone call 15 minutes before arrival--WOW.

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That makes it an easy way to reap the benefits of secure communications.

Everyone from the journalist communicating with an anonymous source to the average Joe concerned about his privacy – anyone can benefit from encrypted chat.

In an era of growing surveillance and rising threats from hackers who try to eavesdrop on digital communications for information, it’s more important than ever to be thoughtful about the way we chat.

If none of these solutions work, then it’s definitely time to contact Google or the provider you bought the phone from.

Encryption is a hot topic today for security professionals and regular users alike.

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