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Microsoft uses "Received", but other clients may have their own custom date headers besides that.

Look for any instance of a date and you’ll spot them easily.

Just click "Set custom time" from the Compose view.

Any email you send to the past appears in the proper chronological order in your recipient's inbox.

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Otherwise you’ll have to launch Windows Notepad manually and manually enter in the location of the EML file you want to edit on your Desktop.

In Notepad , search for a line that starts with , like this: The date header in email is always in the format of Abbreviated Weekday, Day of Month, Abbreviated Month, Year, 24-hour Time of receive, Time Zone.

From the time/date information I found in the email itself, it needs to be changed to September 28, 2010 @ pm, Eastern Standard Time.

This would be written as: Tue, -0400You can find the original weekday by using your Windows Calendar (double-click the clock, adjust date to the time of original send and you’ll see the day). Calendar if you don’t feel like using the Windows one.

Now I have this (I also removed the "Fw:" portion of the subject line): The only other header I look for is , and if I see it, I modify the dates for those as well: Important note: "Received" may or may not be there within the email, but if it is, you’ll need to change it to match "Date", otherwise Windows Live Mail will read Received first and ignore Date completely.

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