Twitter not updating my facebook page

This will post to pages; however unlike the native twitter app, each tweet you want to go to the facebook page you must end with #fb, hence the whole "Selective" thing.But at least they show up (and the #fb tag won't show on the page).Can you post an example or screenshot of the meta tags from one of your pages, so we can see how it is set up?AFAIK, you can't just put what you want there but must follow the guidelines as explained in the documentation.Kindly note that this feature is currently not available for every admin.You may use this feature here if it is permitted for your account, else just wait for few days until they permit it for you.But now you can officially update Twitter from Facebook without using any application.

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So I think this is what Twitter is trying to resolve.

To start syncing your Facebook updates to Twitter, simply navigate to to add the application, and click the Link a Page to Twitter button.

From there, choose the Page you wish to link to Twitter and click Link to Twitter.

As the Page administrator, you can decide whether to share everything you publish on your Facebook Page with your Twitter followers, or be more selective and choose from Status Updates, Links, Photos, Notes and Events.

Status updates and links work best as these types of content can be consumed via Twitter without users having to return to Facebook.

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