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Now she has worked with Glen Hansard, Mark Geary, Mark Dignam, her partner Brendan O’Shea ...

Read More The former Smiths frontman has penned a letter to Minister Michael Creed on behalf of PETA.

Read More The draft wording of the proposed bill has also been approved.

Since the Dáil vote saw a majority of TDs vote to repeal the Eight Amendment - which in Irish law, states that the unborn’s ...

When "American Horror Story: Cult," kicked off on Sept.

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The network felt it was disrespectful to air the series on the heels of a mass shooting in Texas, and the horrific Pulse Nightclub shooting that claimed 49 lives just before that. Robot” postponed its airing after events on the Rami Malek show mimicked the real-life shooting of a TV news reporter and a cameraman on air.

It's been revealed today that Morrissey has written to Irish Minister for Agriculture Michael ...

Next week’s episode of “American Horror Story: Cult” features a harrowing mass shooting in which at least five people are gunned down in a public space.

It’s unclear if the network, run by CEO John Landgraf, will delay airing or edit the potentially-triggering scenes in light of this week’s Las Vegas massacre.

FX and the show’s production studio, 20th Century Fox Television, declined to comment on the matter.

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