Hostile and intimidating defined

Once terms are agreed, your employer will almost certainly insist that you enter into a binding settlement agreement to prevent you from later making any legal claim. A claim can be made to the employment tribunal for damages if you have suffered from harassment.You also have the option of resigning and claiming constructive dismissal.If you cannot resolve matters informally, then you should lodge a formal internal grievance.Your employer should then investigate the allegations in your grievance and hold a meeting to discuss the same.

The model may provide a useful link between the field of leadership and research on bullying, counterproductive behaviour, and aggression at work.

Some of the classic signs of harassment include: A lot of managers use the “banter excuse” as a defence to bullying especially in industries where banter is commonplace- such as the finance and banking sector.

Banter is all well and good and an employee cannot complain whilst they are a party to it.

It is advisable to keep a diary record of every event in which you feel bullied or harassed, as well as any emails and other written communications which demonstrate the unwanted conduct.

This evidence will not only be useful when you are required to recall instances of bullying, but can also show that a series of isolated instances (which can often appear ‘trivial’) are actually part of a more serious campaign against you.

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