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She brought the investment fraud case into the trial.

He said that she broke the separation agreement by talking about the issue.

The divorce was ugly when Perelman said that he would not give a penny more than 20 million dollars to his wife. She and Ronald had a brutal fight on the New Year Eve and she was not seen with him in the New Year of 2006.

She sued her former husband for investment fund fraud for .4 million. It was said that he was with her because he wanted to marry a Hollywood woman and she married him for money.

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She said that she did not want to have any memories that he made for her.

It was said that Gabriel was with Ellen when she got divorced from Ronald. Her relationship with Sam is smooth and has no rumors about any fights or other marital problems that might lead to a separation.

Veteran actress Ellen Barkin is dating the 26-year-old son of famed moviemaker Barry Levinson, the director who launched her film career.

The reason for separation was assumed to be infidelity.

Ellen did not have any secret boyfriend, when she was married to him.

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