Pkt weather not updating most intimidating dog names

Undoubtedly the biggest update to the watch software is the ability to install recommended apps right from the watch itself.The current software requires you to use the paired smartphone if you want to download any of the recommended applications.EPAWA and Weather NJ have become way too large to address each IMBY (in my back yard) question on public comment threads.The MPM forum guarantees an answer to those questions.Another natural bonus of forum membership is that you get to see snow maps and major calls earlier than the public does.

What the forum DOES guarantee however is that questions are answered.From the language of the original post, it seems as though this feature might only apply to the recommended apps that show up in the "get more apps" screen on the watch itself.As well as changes to the downloading capabilities of the Gear S2, Samsung is seemingly playing with a couple of design tweaks in the world clock app and the weather app.Example alerts include but are not limited to 2 days notice for thunderstorms, real-time lightning alerts, heavy rain, wind, fog, tropical systems and especially winter storms.For winter storms, alerts are send up to 5 days ahead with continuous 24-hour updates until the winter storm passes.

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