How long have bridgit mendler and shane harper been dating

Me and Shane broke up a month ago because he got this amazing movie opportiunite in Australia and I was foucasing on my music careere.Cause we knew how long distance realationships work we decided it would be the best idea to break up of coure we are still friends and maybe someday when we reunaite again we might be together.

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Of course he's still dating Kelly and there going pretty well and as some of you may ask I did not tell him my feelings cause I'm a coward.

So my Co-star is Shane Harper and he is my bestfriend and I am going to tell you a secret I have a tiny crush on him,but there is a slight problem he has a girlfriend named Kelly.

I was currently standing on the set of Good Luck Charlie when the most attractive guy I had ever seen entered the room, Apparently his name was Shane and he will be playing my characters love interest.

After relaising that I decided to go ask him what's wrong. Shane took me to this cute little restaurant and then we went for a movie,of course Shane let me pick and I picked a chickflick.

After that he took me by suprise when we went ice skating.

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