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However if a signal is sent along the row when “tails” is thrown, the whistle means a minus point.“Mistakes” are also handled in this way (if the coin hasn’t even been thrown for example).The winner is the player who guesses the emotion in the shortest time. Length: 5-10 minutes Material: Bucket of water, cups and hand towel Send the whole group out of the room with a group leader.While they are gone three leaders make a row and stand with their hands behind their backs.The volunteers are now allowed to choose 2-3 players for the game.While the volunteer is guessing the emotion, you record the time it takes.There are crazy games, events and discussion groups and there is bible work...The aim of this evening is make the children aware of the feelings they experience and to help them keep their feelings under control.

Length: 5 min Material: Whistle, stool and a coin Split the group into two teams of equal size.

Aim: Teams try to be first to complete all of the tasks.

Length: 5 minutes Material: Bags and notes with instructions Split the group into smaller teams.

When the volunteers come back into the room you choose an everyday situation where the players can act out this emotion (e.g.

cleaning teeth, frying an egg or going to school...).

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