Updating the kln 94 database

I want to update a KLN 94 unit, and after getting some information from Bendix website I cant figure this one out. Could I destroy the Database on the card attempting to load a new database using a regular CF card reader running on XP?

( or I cant be bother to read 100’s of pages) I realised the SW version on my unit is 0104 and in order to download a database, I need SW 0105 or higher. From the GPS DATABASE LOADING TECH HELP: 2.2 Current software versions If a unit does not have the correct software version, please work with a Honeywell authorized sales and service center to upgrade software, or send the unit to the Olathe Service Center …

That has a feature for firmware updates If you answer Yes (the whether you are a 145 Repair Station ) you get this Normally this is done by avionics shops. I dont have the Imagemate either, so my options are very small at this stage. Currently assuming I made a mistake in ordering a RS232 “Dataloader cable” because I have to reinstall an old Win 98 on my laptop, putting next the Dataloader on it and than connect it to the KLN94.

If you send a message to Jesse here, he may be able to help you. Just from reading on the Bendix King website, it’s saying you must have a SW1.05 or higher, otherwise an update will not work.

Or is the Image Writer solely working (with the Loader software) just plugged into the USB slot of your XP machine to update the card ? The cable loader (which uses the KLN94 jack socket) is RS232, I believe, and then you would use either an old laptop which has a physical RS232 port, or a laptop with a USB-RS232 converter. Maybe this was a stupid question because 0201 must be newer than 0105, however I´m not a real IT expert…

But this method is awkward because you have to be sitting in the plane, with the laptop (into which you have downloaded the database) for quite a while, with the avionics on. As far as I found out from the MM, the KLN 94 has two software configuration numbers, one for the boot software and one for the application software.

The part number for the software CD-ROM is 222-30469-0006.

It will not work with Windows NT versions 3.51 /4.0, 2000, XP or higher. PCMCIA has been a hassle with drivers for a long time.

(The KLN-94 is the least expensive IFR GPS to offer a color display.) The color display makes it easier to find the information you need, which is a very real advantage when you are busy.

If anything is lacking in GPS it is in pilots taking full advantage of the equipment.

• There is also a PCMCIA adapter that can write to our locked Sandisk card. To access the data on it you need the hacked SDDR31 reader, described in the above links. The other option is to connect to the jack socket on the KLN94 itself, with the card inserted in the KLN94 the whole time.

However it is not compatible with any operating system except Windows 98/ME. I don’t know what the O/S requirements are for this; never used it. I had received a PM from an anonymous person on another site, years ago, that a program called Winhex is capable of copying the KLN94 cards but when I tried it, it didn’t work.

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