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Don’t flood group feeds with your unemployment woes, but do let people know you are searching.Be respectful when asking people to connect with you on Linked In.Whether you are just starting to build your network or have been at it for years, here are some indispensable networking tools you should always keep in your toolbox, not just when you are looking for a job. It's an invaluable part of networking that can be used for job interviews, informational interviews, and anytime you meet someone new.In the same way that you should practice for your job interviews, you need to practice your elevator speech so it seems natural and genuine. You should provide an overview of who you are, what you have done, and what you are seeking.

Some social workers are wary of joining the world of Facebook, but this can be a great tool.Networking is not about using people to help you find your next job.It is a two-way street and should be an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship. The elevator speech is like a commercial to sell yourself in 90 seconds or less.: Google Plus is definitely useful for professional networking.Your posts can be picked up in Google searches, and you can show off a public profile full of information about what you do.

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